How To Maximize Your Maternity Leave (For the Busy Mompreneur)


One of the biggest perks of running your own business is that you get to make the rules… but it’s also one of the hardest parts. When you’re the boss, it’s on you to plan our perfect maternity leave. Setting policies for time off can feel overwhelming or unimportant and is often overlooked or skipped completely. Set yourself up for success and take advantage of the upside of entrepreneurship by planning your dream maternity leave. 

Today, we’re sharing our top four tips for maximizing your maternity leave as a business owner. Ya ready?


It’s really hard to shift gears with a cold engine – a stark transition can be shocking and feel overwhelming. Gently get yourself used to the idea of checking out with a slow, easy phase out for less stress.

*RECOMMENDATION: We recommend gifting yourself a four week transition, starting at week 30 of your pregnancy. 


Try a short meditation with a visualization of your dream leave. What are you doing? How do you feel? And, more importantly, what are you NOT doing?

As you come out of your visualization, grab a pen and write out details.

*RECOMMENDATION: Post this somewhere you’ll see it and revisit it frequently as you near your leave. 


Or better yet, get two. Designate someone you love and trust as your accountability buddy during this period. Ask them to check in with you each week to make sure that you aren’t slipping down the slippery slope of logging on. Be honest with them and have a convo before your leave begins to express the boundaries you wish to uphold and a checkin schedule that works for you.

*RECOMMENDATION: Need a buddy? We’ve got your back ;) DM us at @bizbabysitters to start the convo.


Remember, both the baby AND the mother are both just being born. Take care of yourself with as much care that you would give your newborn. The entire world of rushing and hustling will be here when you’re ready to come back (we promise). Take this time to hit pause and save her one of the shortest, most precious transitions in all of life.

*RECOMMENDATION: Start practicing a gentle mindset during your pregnancy by loosening up your schedule without guilt. Need a nap? Take it, Mama!


Your preferences for what you intend to do and not do during this time will differ from person to person. We recommend completely logging off both work email and business social media for, at the bare minimum, four weeks postpartum to honor your badassery – creating LIFE is no easy task. 

If you or someone you love are currently pregnant or planning a sabbatical, you’re invited to  schedule a complementary Relief Call – a pitch-less, customized consult created to spark your dream leave plan. Visit to schedule yours today.


Christine Emmer

Chris is the social media strategist and educator behind Sweaty Wisdom and the founder of Biz Babysitters – a one-stop-shop supporting female business owners on their maternity leave and into their postpartum journeys.

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