Food Prep For The Busy Mama


The title of this blog post may intrigue you or overwhelm you, or both. Most likely deep

down, you know eating good, nourishing food is important. However, “healthy” just

doesn’t seem realistic in this season of life you find yourself right now. Healthy is for a

season of life that doesn’t require so much of you physically, that allows you to sleep

more, that is absent of postpartum brain fog, and has more margin in your schedule,



Wellness is for right now, because mama, you only have this one motherhood.

We want to be mentally present, have energy for our kids and see mama play, and be able

to have daily joy in the mundane. While there are so many things we can do or remove to

nurture that, it is critical that we look at our basic needs as well. The truth of the matter is

that what we put in our mouth does something to our body, it affects the way we feel

physically, our mental capacity, and possibly even our emotional health. I’m absolutely

not saying to monitor everything we put in our mouth – hello, balance! What I am saying

is if we are fueling the engine with low quality gas, how can we expect it to run well? It

may run, but barely. Let’s not just barely run, mama. Right, I know that we can’t control

absolutely everything that helps our engines run smooth (ahem, sleep deprivation), but

we can be good stewards of what we consume. Let’s fuel up, so we can do this sacred

role of mama and live out our purpose well.

The best part is that we don’t have to become obsessive or spend hours in the kitchen to

make this happen. We just need to shift our mindset to become stewards of our body and

our food that God has both so purposefully and beautifully created. Yes, you can

realistically fuel your body well during this very season you are in! Let me show you how

to simplify it.

The concept of food prep vs. meal prep entered my rhythms when I became a mama and I

haven’t looked back! Meal prep requires you to prepare full meals completely, and while

that is amazing, I personally don’t have the capacity every week to spend half the day in

the kitchen. It also overwhelmed me to plan full meals ahead of time. Food prep on the

other hand consists of prepping elements of a meal and mix and matching through the

week. Here is why I love it – 1) I only spend a max of 1 hour prepping, 2) I don’t always

eat the same thing every day, 3) it taught me how to prepare, eat, and love real food, 4) it

teaches resourcefulness by using what you have on hand, and 5) putting together my

meals takes less than 5 minutes.


1) Assess what you already have on hand in the pantry and fridge

2) Choose 2 proteins, 3-4 vegetables, maybe a grain to prep if you can/want

3) Store everything in separate containers and mix and match throughout the week

When I prep like this, I use it for lunch, because that’s the meal of the day that is hardest

for me to eat healthy as a mama. Feel free to add in a breakfast + snack to prep if that is

most helpful to you. I’ll show you what that looks like below.



- Baked Chicken

- Hard Boiled Eggs


- Raw Carrots

- Raw Cucumbers

- Salad Mix

- Roasted Sweet Potatoes

- Roasted Brussels Sprouts


- Overnight Oats

- Sweet Potato Egg Skillet


- Apples + Cinnamon + Peanut Butter or Rice Cake + Nut Butter


Chicken Breast + Roasted Veggie Bowl

Snack Plate: Hard Boiled Eggs + Raw Veggies + Hummus + Apple

Salad: Chicken + Lettuce + Raw Veggies + Dressing of Choice

Repeat these combos through out the week or make different snack plate from

leftovers so nothing goes to waste. To get the full instructions on this food prep

example, you can click here to download!

I hope when you read the above, you not only see simplicity, but also that you are worth

it. You are worth an hour of simple, real food prep to streamline mealtime during the

week and equip you to choose fueling foods, so you can do your motherhood with more

energy and intention. You’ll be amazed how the shift of eating real, clean food affects

your brain function, energy level, and confidence. This is self-care worth pursuing.


Amanda Wilson

Amanda Wilson is a wife, a mama to 2 boys, an RN, and has started using her passion for health to equip others in making it a lifestyle. She has a purpose to simplify health and wellness, making it a realistic pursuit for the individual in the season of life they find themselves. She rarely refuses coffee and chocolate, and enjoys a good awkward moment.

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