Essential Oils & How Mamas Can Ditch & Switch Products In Their Homes


Summer is coming to a close or already has for some friends around the world sending their little ones back to school. It’s equally a time of celebrating our kids getting old, taking on the world in their hands while us parents being slightly terrified of germs, the exposure, the community they will be around as they grow older - at least that’s me coming from a mom who has a new 8th grader son! I’m the mom who’s all about guard their hearts and minds as much as I can while also not helicopter parenting. What a balance!

As we jump into the Fall season and preparing our homes for school, family in town, busy schedules and managing our time and efforts to be efficient and enjoyable, I wanted to share a few tips today of how you can make wellness through essential oils a seamless and easy way to prioritize your family’s health and a lot of what you’re all exposed to on a regular basis. After all, we are the gatekeepers of our homes so if we can know better to do better, let’s make it a piece of cake doing so!


1. With Our Kids

This is likely our biggest priority right now if we have school aged little ones and even if we don’t, it’s still something to have in our mind at all times to help our kids be supported and feel their best every single day. We have the ability to give them vitamins, antioxidants, fruits and veggies that support their immune systems and help combat any ick that might come their way. A few of my favorites are:

MightyPro Pre+Probiotics

Gut health, always and forever!! If I can make sure to get all the good bacteria happening for my little ones to ensure their bodies are doing what they’re designed to do, I’m in! These are cute little packets that taste like a pixie stick and yummy wolfberry. Eat them like candy or mix with some juice or yogurt. Their bellies will be thanking you!

NingXia Red

Packed with antioxidants and all the nutrients that you need to support your immune system, digestive health and overall wellbeing, this is your jam! We like to buy the packets of these, freeze them, and make it a fun popsicle. We also add a splash with some apple juice and the kids go nuts for this while eating breakfast. Their bodies will be feeling top notch!

Thieves Roll-On

The most simple way to help support your family from day one is using essential oil rollers. We love Thieves as it’s our powerhouse blend to boost immune systems and create some margin for the dreaded doctor visits and runny noses. Consistency is key so make this part of your routine! When kiddos are brushing teeth, roll down their spine. When they’re doing jammies before bed, roll on bottoms of feet and throw some socks on. Young Living makes it easy with a premade roll-on, right here!

2. Around the House

Have you ever downloaded the app Think Dirty and scanned the products around your home? The hand soap, lotions, cleaning supplies or even your makeup? If you haven’t, this is your challenge today - right now! Now that you know about the chemicals lingering in products you thought were “green” or safe for you and your home, let’s talk about one product you need to ditch allllll the cleaning supplies to combat your home and make it fresh, sparkling and disinfected!

Thieves Household Cleaner

One cleaner and all you’ll ever need. This baby is filled with all plant based goodness to disinfect, work right down to the grit and grime and leave your home smelling and looking spotless! Rosemary, Cinnamon, Lemon, Orange and Eucalyptus create a blend ready to take on any area of your home - literally all of it. Windows, counters (granite & marble included!!), toilets, showers, floors, appliances, stainless, mirrors… need to clean it? This will do the trick! My favorite part of this product is on the bottle it says “If swallowed, drink plenty of water to dilute.”! No need for poison control in your home when using plant based and non-toxic goodies.

Lemon Essential Oil + Baking Soda

I love having Lemon EO on hand to create any type of boost I need for my home cleaning. The Thieves Cleaner I mentioned above is all you need but add some Lemon and baking soda to create your own soft scrub is a gamechanger! Degreasing, water stains, rust, sticky residue - this is what you want!

Thieves Foaming Hand Soap

We entertain a lot and when friends are over every person comes walking out of the bathroom asking what hand soap we have because it smells like Christmas. Thieves Foaming Hand Soap. Boom. Easy! 

3. Starting With You!

As moms we likely put ourselves on the backburner and it should really be the opposite. If we don’t have our tanks full, it’s so hard to give and pour into every other area around us. Kids, home life, our marriage, volunteering, meal prepping - all of it! A few ways you can focus on yourself is through self care which actually stems into essential oils.

Emotional Support

“Parenthood is the scariest hood I’ve ever been through” Amen and amen. Emotions run high and low when raising littles and the biggest way I personally use essential oils is with my emotions. Valor, Stress Away and Peace & Calming are a few favorites and I’ve recently thrown a CBD Calm roll-on into the mix. A drop or two on my wrists, over my heart and behind ears throughout my day and I always feel much more calm, collected and ready to handle the many emotions parenthood throws my way.

Beauty Routines

I am all about using products that promote better skin, overall youthfulness and glowing skin and while sometimes that means investing in facials, treatments and high dollar procedures, you can also add in a few things with oils to maintain in between those self care items. Blue Tansy, Frankincense and Tea Tree are three oils you can use everyday to combat fine lines and wrinkles, dullness, redness and blemishes. Who wouldn’t want to have those tools at their fingertips? Fun fact: Tea Tree is an antifungal oil so while it’s amazing for pesky zits, you can use it for ringworm, ingrown toenails, lice… you get the picture! ;)

Okay mamas, now the ball is in your court! These are simple, easy ways to make BIG changes for your home and wellbeing. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming and you can start with one thing. One things leads to more and more changes which overall create BIG changes in your lifestyle. Still intimidated, let’s talk! Here is a link to a little more about Essential Oils and how you can get started making big changes for your home.

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Aubrey Kinch

After her second daughter was born late 2016, she became passionate about bringing a new level of wellness and clean living into their home. She’s now rapidly growing on the fastest team with Young Living Essential Oils and is personally top 25 globally.

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