9 Reasons You Need to Simplify + Master Your Meal Times


One of the biggest stressors as a mom are mealtimes. Whether it’s the chaos of breakfast, to packing kids lunches (that aren’t just sandwiches) even down to what to cook for dinner that won’t take all night and 75 ingredients. 

We get it. 

It is stressful, overwhelming and there is so much information floating around telling you a million different ways to do it.

So before we tell you HOW to Simplify and Master Your Mealtimes, we want to tell you why it is important first…

  1. It will reduce decision fatigue. It is said that the average woman/person makes approximately 35,000 decisions a day. That is roughly 2,000 per hour and one every two seconds. That’s no joke. By setting dedicated time aside once a week to plan/prep, you are eliminating the need to make smaller decisions multiple times a day, all week long. A small initial investment actually gives you more freedom during the week. 

  2. It will streamline your week. By having mealtimes prepared and planned, you are giving yourself the opportunity to have a smoother week. Preparation makes a huge difference. 

  3. This specific process will not be a stressor anymore. We find that most women stress about food. Whether it’s what they are eating, what they have to cook, what everyone will actually eat or how long it takes to cook and clean up. It’s stressful. So by dealing with it directly, and head on, you will be able to have peace of mind knowing its DONE. 

  4.  A little food prep will create more margin during the week. By investing a chunk of time one day a week (or when it works for you) you are giving yourself the opportunity to have more freedom during the week when it really counts. More time to rest, to have a sound mind, to play with your kids, to read a book or to work on your side hustle. 

  5. This food will fuel my brain to think clearly. One reason moms are in total burnout mode consistently is because they are not fueling their bodies. Women are not taking care of themselves on the most fundamental level - literally eating, drinking water and sleeping. While sleep can come and go as we have babies, the fact is, food is important. Food is fuel. You can't drive a car on an empty tank. You cannot use a phone with a dead battery. Charge yourself up and fuel yourself so you feel better! 

  6. I will have more energy for the important roles in my life. This goes back to decision fatigue and fueling yourself. Once you have alleviated the amount of decisions you make in a day and you are properly fueled, you will actually be able to have energy for the important roles in your life. Like raising those babies, being married, spending time with your girlfriends, etc. 

  7. Food prep is self care.  Self care isn't just bath bombs. This is the biggest misconception. Food prep is proactive self care in so many ways. Don't be reactive, be proactive, mama! 

  8. It allows me to steward my body well throughout the week.  Counting calories and worrying about what you look like isn't a way to steward your body well, friend. And so many women are caught in that cycle. Focusing on fueling your body is stewarding your body well. It is caring for it in a healthy way. 

  9. It will sustain me and help me function with better health and avoid burnout, fatigue and protect me against illness. You pay for healthcare either way. Whether it’s preventative healthcare or sick care at the doctor. Giving yourself the opportunity to have quality food and less stress will keep you healthy, mama!

Grab our guide NOW!

What we have done is broken our processes down, simplified the overwhelm and removed the guilt of having to do it all “perfectly”. At the end of the day the goal is simple: Healthy meals that don't require hours to complete. And we’ve got that down PAT! 

We’ve broken this resource down for you with the basics: What the resource is, Why it’s important, How to do it and when you can do it. PLUS there are dozens of recipes in there, check lists, shopping lists and “done for you” meal selections.