Top 5 Tips to Help You Survive Family Photos


Family photos can be quite stressful if we’re being totally honest. While I love the idea of capturing my cute babies at their current ages, I also dread trying to wrangle them into a photo and have them all look in one direction. It seems impossible, honestly!

The cost of photos, finding a photographer (if you don’t have a regular one already), picking out outfits, getting yourself ready - and that all happens before the actual shoot! Then during the shoot your trying to get in position, sitting on dirt, trying to get the kids to not throw a fit or stick their tongues out - its comical and chances are you are breaking out in a sweat thinking about it already!

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After years of family photos and consistently being in front of the camera - I am breaking down my top tips and tricks to help you keep your sanity during family photo season and showing you a few family photo ideas!

  1. Keep the outfits simple - I always find that simple and clean outfits are best because they are timeless. The worst is having super trendy outfits or styles in photos and then looking back at then and saying OMG, what was I wearing? You all know that I am a fan of neutrals anyway, but even more so for family photos that you will keep forever! I love whites, khaki, black, and tans. It also helps keep the focus on the faces rather than the outfits. Sometimes, if you use bright colors, it can distract from the subjects in the photos!

  2. Do the group shots first - I will admit that I usually make the kids to individual and sibling photos first because its THAT difficult to get everyone all in the same photo, but I’ve learned that it simply doesn’t work best that way! By the time you get to group shots at the end - the kids are already exhausted, done and have no desire to be there anymore. So start with a few good group shots and then go for the individuals after.

  3. Have bribes for the kids - no joke. - Save the suckers for the family photos! Use marshmallows, suckers, smoothies, fruit snacks - whatever it takes! Have your photographer hold them and hand them out or better yet, have your babysitter hold them and hand them out! Which brings me to my next point!

  4. Bring your nanny/babysitter - We tend to use our sitter when we leave for date nights, but recently I’ve decided she is my new BFF! Ha! I have found that it is so hard chasing kids when you are in your nice family photo clothes and you don’t really want to mess up your hair and makeup. So bring your sitter with you and save the sweat, stress and potential to mess your outfit up! Have her manage them, place them in photos and distract them. Also, having your sitter or nanny there will give you and the hubs the opportunity to jump into some photos together, just you and him!

  5. Don’t pose, but capture the REAL side of your family - This one is hard. We all want those photos of everyone looking at the camera and smiling. But chances are pretty slim that it’s going to happen. Instead of stressing, go for a more lifestyle vibe and let your kids be kids. Capture their personalities, their awkward smiles, their little attitudes, their silliness, and their giggles. Chase them around, tickle them, make them laugh. You will love those even more than you might think!

Here are a few examples of some past family photos we have taken and what we loved about them!


lifestyle maternity

I love the this shoot so much because of the neutral outfits, the calm setting and how it captures us being us, rather than us with fake smiles. This was one of my favorite shoots and it also felt super effortless!

lifestyle family photos outside

The kid were particularly naughty this day, and it was totally stressful! But the neutral outfits are a plus and I love the images of them all together. It captures them and their relationship so much. The images of Stuart and I are my all time favorites, ever!

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Jaime McLaughlin