3 Ways to Transform Your Summer Pictures


I get questions every single day about photography.

What lens do I use? How do I edit? What apps are the best for editing on iPhones? What backdrop color I use? What's my editing process? How do I get such good lighting in my photos?

Literally the list goes on. I was in the same boat when I was getting started in photography.

At the end of the day though I just want to teach others to document their loved ones and lives.

That being said I want you to take AMAZING pictures of your summer adventures. I want you to get your iPhone out and KILL IT. I want you to rest assure that you don't need to spend thousands of dollars on equipment in order to get lasting memories of your children.  

Here are my tips to up your phone photography game:

1. Find shade.

Do not take pictures where its harsh shadows or where your kids are squinting their eyes.

When you find some shade snap away. Just moving a couple inches or feet you will be able to take a way better image.

Cloud coverage gives you awesome lighting because you don't have to worry about harsh shadows, squinting and all that fun stuff.

2. Edit.

Take 5 minutes and throw a filter aka preset to take that pic from amateur to pro.

Use the Lightroom app (it's free)

You can use my presets I've created for the Lightroom app just use TheLaurenStyle20 for 20% off. They make a day and night difference.

3. Fix it.

You can fix anything in an image (okay well almost everything) thanks to amazing apps. For instance you take a photo and there is someone behind the pic you can remove it or let's say you have a huge pimple you can remove it in 2 seconds.

My favorite editing apps are Airbrush, Retouch, and Colorstory. And all of them are free!

I hope these tips help when it comes to all those summer trips you have planned with your families. These are the best times of your kids lives so give them a chance to remember these special memories roasting marshmallows with cousins and siblings. Swimming lessons and road trips. Every moment deserves to be documented even if it feel mundane like baking cookies or watching Frozen for the 50th time!


Lauren Schumacher

Lauren is a photographer trying to help others transform their images, whether you're a mom capturing your little ones or entrepreneur trying to build a brand through images. She offers workshops, courses and coaching to educate others about becoming their own photographer.

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