3 Simple Strategies To Stay Organized This School Year


Can you believe August is here?! Before we head back to the school year, I thought it would be super helpful for you to have simple strategies in place at home to keep things organized and in routine!

I know back to school time can feel super overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! Just start by taking baby steps every single day. Little wins, good choices, and a positive attitude will literally have a compound effect on your life and motherhood! 

Start with these 3 tips today! 

Recognize your current state of being and doing! 

As I always say in my programs and courses, self awareness is KEY to making any change. The same goes for your lifestyle, Momma! If you want to change the chaos, you first must recognize there is a problem, THEN commit to change. Take a good audit on your lifestyle. Does it feel messy? Overwhelming? Like you’re lacking priorities and structure? If it feels this way, it’s most likely because it IS this way. Again, recognition is KEY to change anything!

Make + take baby steps of change! 

Now that you’ve acknowledged a place in your life (and home) where you’d like to see change, it’s time for us to actually put in the WORK to see that change come to fruition!

  • Purge and Clean your environment. Your environment has a HUGE impact on your energy and your family’s temperament. Plan time this week to purge out your home. Get rid of things that no longer serve you or your family and develop a good cleaning routine.

  • Prioritize Your Calendar. Get rid of appointments, dates, meet-ups, and other unnecessary commitments if they’re causing you stress and congestion within your days. So often we want to say YES to everything, when ultimately that “yes” is negatively affecting our time and energy.

  • Prioritize Your Kid’s Schedules. Again, similar to prioritizing YOUR calendar, I want YOU to take charge of your kid’s calendars. Cohesively work together with your children to determine what is important as a family. From there, YOU set the time and commitment boundaries.

  • Practice Running Your Home With Confidence and Simplicity.  Switching from chaotic living to a more controlled lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight- so give yourself some grace, girl! Slow and steady subtle lifestyle shifts are going to be your BEST FRIEND here! Just practice each day and night a more controlled and calm approach to motherhood. On days when you feel out of touch or out of control, simply audit where it is that you are unwinding and work to collectively bring yourself back to center. Remember~this is a journey!

Lastly, Remember to ENJOY!

Often we can get caught in the “checklist” mindset of motherhood. Momma, learning how to manage your home is no different. Remember to truly ENJOY the process of simplifying your motherhood so you can experience more calmness, cohesiveness, and presence of everyday moments and experiences.

You’ve got this girl! 

(Ps- if you’re feeling super overwhelmed in your motherhood, I’ve got a free overwhelmed starter kit to help you strategically tackle your day! Download your copy here!)


Jennifer Blossom

Occupational therapist and CEO/Founder of Blossoming Mommy And Baby, a digital wellness brand that helps overwhelmed Moms simplify healthy living + modern homemaking.

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