We are LIVE!



Today is the day! Master Your Motherhood is officially LIVE!

Master Your Motherhood was founded by Stuart + Jaime McLaughlin (of The Mac House Blog). We knew that there was a massive gap in content for current families. Our generation is coming from previous generations that didn’t discuss many topics such as money or sex. We were thrown into adulthood without much direction. Then we become spouses and parents and again - jump in with both feet but without a really good understanding of that that is supposed to look like.

We are living in a generation where there is so much confusion and unknowns.

Our mission is to support and inspire families by providing tools, knowledge and wisdom to women (and families) looking to master their motherhood and become the CEO of their lives. Knowledge is power, and motherhood doesn’t have to be as overwhelming, isolating and confusing – as it is for a lot of women.

We believe in a team atmosphere when raising a family, that women are capable of great things, and that we can simplify life and implement strategies,” said McLaughlin. “I believe creating rhythms in our daily life will help women remove the stress and the overburdened feeling that so many mothers feel.

Our Launch today includes five new e-book resources The five e-Books will provide mothers and families with strategies and realistic tips to:

  • Master Your Mindset

  • Master Your Finances

  • Master Your Family Meetings

  • Master Your Kid’s Reward System

  • Master Your Schedule

Jaime’s husband, Stuart McLaughlin, has assisted with cultivating the company and provides a male’s perspective which has been integrated within the e-book resources.

Our goal as parents and as the “head of the household” is to create a home of peace – a safe haven where there is stability, predictability and trust. We are excited to share tools and resources to help families start to walk down that path
— Stuart McLaughlin

Master Your Motherhood will provide affordable tools to help families function in a healthy, proactive and positive way. The company will cultivate a community of women, who can support each other while they grow in different areas of motherhood and self-improvement.

We are so excited!! Thanks for looking around and we cannot wait to see the massive transformations that happen in your lives!

Jaime + Stuart