Master Your Schedule

Most of us start off our days with a mental list of what needs to get done. We will usually keep it in our head or maybe jot it down on paper our our phones.

But then our phones ring, an email pops through or an influencer does a “try on session” on instagram and then we go down the rabbit whole of the best amazon fashion finds. Then before we know it, we haven't really accomplished anything yet, it’s already 12pm and time to make some lunch and put the kiddos down for a nap.

We say yes to so many things that over burden our schedule and then we feel guilty at the end of the night because we didn’t really do what we needed to do or what we wanted to do.

Master Your Schedule teaches you all you need to know about time management, time blocking, leaning into your season, being realistic with your schedule and how to delegate so that you aren’t so overwhelmed.

Get ready to learn how to manage your time better and finally get in good rhythms for you and for your family.

Master Your Schedule
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