Master Your Kid Reward System

Are you struggling with your kids behavior? Chances are - the answer is yes. Most families are.

Finding a balance between praising positive behavior and teaching consequences is hard. And we personally struggled to find a reward chart or system to teach consequences and reward positive behavior - both at the same time or all while working together.

Master Your Kids Reward system is the key that unlocked something magical for our kiddos!

This book walks you through a system that we implemented in our family that completely transformed our kids behavior and ability to obey. In addition to the behavior aspect, it teaches them the consequences of their actions, it helps them understand money and the concept of saving or spending and the reward system is so exciting to them! The rewards don’t focus solely on physical items, but experiences as a family, quality time and it helps them learn that those are rewards in themselves!

Step into a system that will change your parenting game!

Master Your Kids Reward System
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