Master Your Family Meetings

Do you ever go to bed at night wondering if you actually connected with your family rather than just existed with your family?

We wake up in the morning, we do the day to day things, we run the errands, we eat the meals, we clean the messes and then we lay in bed at night feeling that small sting of guilt (sometimes not so small). Did we actually play with our kids. Did we check in with our spouse? Do we know how their hearts are doing?

And on the flip side, we think -”Do they actually know what I do all day?” or “do they know what it takes to maintain this house every single day?”

Master Your Family Meetings is the answer to that vicious cycle.

This book will teach you the art of consistent family meeting times and effective topics to cover anything from your family’s goals, to meals, to weekly schedules and even down to paperwork and all of those due dates at school that we tend to forget and then have to deal with last minute.

These strategies will allow you to communicate your needs around the house and how your family can pitch in and use their strengths to the families advantage.

Implementing the lessons in this book will create a space for healthy communication, predictability, beneficial conversations, connection and an a massive reduction in chaos. As well as reduce the overwhelming and burdensome feeling of “having to do it all”.

Master Your Family Meetings
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Master Your Family Meetings works incredibly with Master Your Schedule and Master Your Kids Reward System. Collectively, all three of the books will help you foster a team environment with effective communication so that you can achieve your goals as a team.