Up Your Mom Game. Ditch the Chaos.

All Access Lifetime Pass

Three online masterclasses to kickstart change in your home - now bundled in an easy to use course platform so you can have lifetime access to watch and rewatch at your own pace.


This course includes 3 video taught classes and a PDF bonus!


Class 1: Time Blocking + Schedule Management

As mothers, our days can quickly become a blurry fog of kids activities, household chores, and other “to-do” items. We know from experience a little time spent planning what the week holds, allows priorities to fit, stress to be relieved and extra space for the right things to create a more energizing motherhood. Let us help you be intentional with every hour of the day.

In this class I am breaking down why to-do lists are your enemy and teaching you how to:

  • Prioritize all of your to-do’s

  • Simplify your overwhelmed schedule

  • Create predictability (the kids will THRIVE)

  • How to time block properly

  • How to make your schedule serves you and your family

  • How to actually delegate without guilt

  • How to say no to things you hate doing

  • And how to find peace in your everyday

BONUS PDF guide included to help you have magical, stress free mornings as well as a “How to Structure Your Day as a SAHM”.

Class 2: Cultivating a 'Family Team' Environment

When our family is not operating as a team we can quickly feel disengaged, stressed and mentally exhausted. Taking time to cultivate real, honest communication while walking through the needs and expectations of every family member creates a game plan that makes everyone feel like an active part. In this class, we will cover exactly how we structure our family meetings, what is discussed and the tools necessary to implement strategies that fit your own household. 

In this class I am breaking down:

  • What the #1 complaint from moms is and how to fix it

  • Talking about normal household roles - and if they are really working for you.

  • Talking you through what a family meeting is and why they are vital to the health of your family

  • Teaching you how and when to conduct family meetings and giving you a roadmap to exactly how to do them

  • Breaking down how important a yearly family meeting is to set the tone for your entire year

  • How vital a monthly family meeting is to align your month

  • And how important a weekly family meeting is to communicate and delegate with your family, effectively.

  • and finally, how to positively discuss chores and household responsibilities without being forceful, controlling or naggy. (And get your kids excited about helping!)

Class #3: Master Your Motherhood Mindset

Walk a journey with us in working through our daily decisions, the thoughts that influence us and finding the right tools for you to move forward as a confident momma with a powerful, optimistic and motivating mindset. This class will give you the awareness needed to step into a better mindset which will be the spark to ignite change in all other areas of life. 

In this class I am breaking down:

  • How our current society has ruined motherhood - and how to change your perspective

  • Talking about how us mothers, tend to lose ourself in our kids - and how to find yourself again.

  • Giving you actionable steps to take to dive deep into your circumstances - and how to change them

  • Talking about the choices you never knew you had

  • Teaching you the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset - and how it will change your life

  • Giving you seven steps to change your mindset - and cultivate lifelong skills

  • Teaching you how to get through mental roadblocks - to get you to a healthier mental space

  • Destroying the lies that have been spoken over you - And covering them in new truths

  • And giving you practical steps to reset your mind - when times get tough